STELLA JEAN Spring- Summer 2017




Anywhere in the world, football is played in the streets, in courtyards, among the market stalls, it is still the simplest form of communication between kids of all ages that project into the flask a common and across-the-board belief. The historical players set out from memory in a syncopated sequence of names, connect children and not only without the need of wi-fi.

Latitudes, cultures and traditions merge through football, creating a sociality that does not need technology to live.

The story of Stella Jean for Spring Summer 2017 begins in Myanmar, where popular culture make soccer and the “chinlone”, its local variant, a sport loved by young and old as an expression of freedom, fun, sharing. Stella Jean reflects on the inclusive meaning of fashion, a global language that, like football, becomes the stylistic koinè on the catwalk, through the harmonious encounter of tradition and future. Faithful to the concept of métissage, Stella Jean imagines the ordered chaos of markets and Yangon tea houses, where the overlaps of “longyi”, the traditional Burmese robes, are a source of inspiration for experimental look with a bourgeois spirit. The stylistic research of Stella Jean has as a goal the juxtaposition of exoticism, volumes and lines stolen from the atmosphere of South-East Asia diplomatic receptions in the 40s, up to nowadays with the figure of Aung San Suu Kyi, emblem of grace and strength that merge in a peaceful resistance, and expression of an aesthetic that talks about pride and promotion of roots. The decorative style of Préfète Duffaut, painter of the Saint Soleil School, breaks on metropolitan pleats. Sarong that overlap with chemisiers’ fluid volumes, becoming perfect geek chic uniforms, a cultural cross over. Jerseys are inlaid with the captain’s armband and vintage football polo shirts are combined with hyper feminine skirts: strength, determination and kindness are the two faces of Stella Jean’s womenswear. The menswear looks converse with the womenswear collection creating a game of ironic balance between the sport theme and contemporary tailoring. WOMENSWEAR COLLECTION


CLOTHES Shirts and chemisiers combined with draped dresses and skirts, inspired by the sarong; long dresses, fluids chemisiers in printed silk or cotton; suits and jumpsuits in crêpe de chine; football shirts in jersey or organza, embellished with coats of arms and flush embroidered decorations; cardigans with football captain’s armband embroidered on the arm; striped sporty polo shirts; pleated skirts, dresses and shorts; 40s-inspired dresses and shirts in printed silk or embroidered with the collection’s motifs; long vest with large side pockets; sleeveless trench vest, “Buttero” jacket; classic 80s jacket with removable embroidered shrug; overskirt in organza with embroidered roosters and cobs, and in striped organza with embroidered herons; lycra beachwear printed with motifs of the collection

COLORS Saturated shades, “vintage” and pastels color: pink, indigo, violet, greenish, avio blue

LENGHTS Maxi, Midi, Mini

TECHNICS Printed fabric, drapery, painted and embroidered fabric

MATERIALS Cotton, silk, PVC, organza, raffia

VOLUMES Fluids, ladylike, amphora

PRINTS Prints inspired by painter Préfète Duffaut; Asian-inspired traditional prints with subjects like roosters, herons, swans, fish, Hawaii floral prints.


SHOES Rhythmic ballerina shoes, embroidered with beads; slippers with raffia embroidery threads and Masai inspired beads on top; shoes of the beloved grandmother with low heels, in smooth colored leather and contrasting colored perforated leather; flats or low-heeled sabot with a bow in striped fabric, loom hand made in Burkina Faso.

JEWLERY Necklace and bracelet with fish subjects made in fer forgé in Haiti; arm bracelets inspired by football captain’s armband, made in fer forgé in Haiti; PVC bracelet and necklace with footballs, made of fer forgé in Haiti.

BAGS Leather bag with mask motif; leather shoulder bag with straps; bags with bow. MENSWEAR COLLECTION


CLOTHES “Buttero” jacket and PVC raincoat, classic coat and jacket with side tennis band detail on the waist; tennis details on pants, polo shirts’ sleeves and collar, jerseys and outerwears; classic crew-neck jerseys, cardigans, V-neck jerseys and polo shirts with details and colors of tennis; sweatshirt in 3 colors.

LENGHTS Long pants, jackets, short jackets, coats and trench above the knee.

TECHNICS Printed fabric, printed nylon

MATERIALS Cotton poplin, cotton, nylon, cotton piqué, men’s classic fabrics.

VOLUMES Long and short straight trousers