A first collection under the name Alessandro Enriquez.

A first collection rich in news

Alessandro Enriquez creates a capsule collection of women bags under his name; he takes the most of his personal experiences and memories, by mixing them with colors and shapes to remember his “Heritage”.

The inspiration and the common thread are represented by a golden bracelet from the ’50s with a small naval mine and many chatonsettings, offered by his grand-mother.

These details show a clear, definite taste and a new concept of woman is born between a milled chain mail and a galvanic golden yellow one. She’s an artist, a musician from a magic conservatory, where she dives, she learns and she teaches.


Alessandro shows a woman who is a composer. She plays the harp, she sings, she dances and the designer represents her by using the images of her many creative phases: she composes, she plays an instrument, she sings, she dances…

The face of a woman from the ’70s begins playing the first three notes: “Do, Re, Mi”. Among the flowers, her tapered fingers lightly touch the strings of her harp and a pair of ballet shoes designs a heart that we will see in the whole collection.

The vivid color palette goes from turquoise to sea water, from lacquered red to the yellow of the sun, up to a section made of caramel and black in his last version.

Different prints, embroidery, stitching and laser-work draw the shape of a melody created to meet the needs of a contemporary woman who loves mixing different styles.

The designer uses the items as canvas to “tell” the musical history: a tot bag, a clutch, an oval bag, a bucket bag, enriched by stunning details never taken for granted.


Both the tone-on-tone piping and the contrast piping characterize every single bag made of nappa leather or suede.

The same items are available in a simple, one color version.

They are produced by Landi Accessories for Alessandro Enriquez.