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Victoria Beckham: An Evolution in Style

ShoesandDrama.com | Victoria Beckham: An Evolution in Style

Victoria Beckham ( @victoriabeckham ) for Marc Jacobs S/S08 Photography by Juergen Teller

Victoria Beckham. A two-word powerhouse, she stands as a inimitable figure who has repeatedly redefined the fashion and culture of our times ever since her first Zigazig-ah in 1996. Her style has continually evolved, from her LBD Posh-spice days, to LA footballer’s wife before the full scale transition into globally recognised style icon. She birthed the WAG, the POB and eventually her own fashion house, defying the critics by becoming a reputable designer in her own right.

ShoesandDrama.com | Victoria Beckham aged 12 for children's modelling agency

Victoria Beckham aged 12 for children’s modelling agency Courtesy of WENN

Born Victoria Adams, her ‘posh’ moniker debuted in the mid nineties, as Spice Girls declared Girl Power, Viva Forever and numerous other buzz phrases that would shape the decade. She caught the eye of footballer David Beckham and after one year and multiple monochromatic ensembles, she stepped out in a crucifix necklace and fur-trimmed leather to announce their engagement. They wed in 1999, in matching pixie crops amid an extravaganza of Vera Wang, ivy and a Slim Barrett miniature crown, with nude duplicates of the newlyweds on top of the cake.

ShoesandDrama.com | The Spice Girls with Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela, 1997

The Spice Girls (Posh Spice) with Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela, 1997

The 2006 FIFA World Cup would see Beckham lead her subdivision of fellow WAGS in the hot pants, oversized sunglasses, Birkin totes, waistcoats and Louboutin heels that would soon became her trademark, along with wedge trainers, baseball caps and an array of contrasting haircuts including spikes, crops and extensions. Controversy over her weight escalated while rumours of cosmetic surgery and adultery were rife.

It is fair to say that Beckham has weathered a harsh media storm, but she has come out on top. She has been awarded numerous accolades including most recently UK’s Most Influential Woman in 2013. What began as a modest denim line has become her eponymous fashion label, renowned for sheath and shift dresses, capes and feminine tailoring which is representative of Beckham’s personal sophisticated style. She has grown into a fashion authority, with one of her most appealing qualities being her ability to smile fondly at her past. Despite her infamous pout, those who know her comment on her sense of humour, work ethic and down to earth nature. From the first LBD by Topshop, to the Giles gown that she wore for the Olympic Opening Ceremony to her A/W14 tailored pleating, and the daring collection of Cavalli, Versace and animal print along the way, we’ve always loved being a part of her fashion journey. So as she turns forty, we raise an anticipatory glass to the next stylish decade of VB.

By Mhairi Graham on AnOther Mag