Victoria Beckham Wants to Design Shoes Next, Plus Menswear

ShoesandDrama.com | Victoria Beckham Wants to Design Shoes Next, Plus Menswear

Are you a shoemaker aspiring to work with one of the world’s most famous celebrity designers, or know someone who is? Victoria Beckham may want to hire you.

Fresh from showing her 10th New York Fashion Week collection Sunday morning, the pop star-turned-designer dropped by Parsons’s John L. Tishman Auditorium Monday evening to share her wit and wisdom with the 800+ students and Posh wannabes (myself, included) in attendance.

Apart from taking Dean of Fashion Simon Collins’s numerous Spice Girls jabs in stride (“Would you say that being in fashion was something that you really, really wanted?”) and repeatedly praising Sheryl Sandberg’s best-seller Lean In, she also dropped this bombshell: In addition to her main womenswear label, diffusion line, accessories collection, fragrance and denim, the stiletto-loving Beckham is extremely keen on designing a line of footwear.

“You know, I do want to start a shoe collection,” she told the audience. “If anybody here is a shoe designer, please do come and see me! I definitely think shoes is probably the next category that I’ll look at going into; it’s quite a competitive category but I would love to go into [it]. I actually work with Manolo Blahnik on the shoes for my show every season and working with him is remarkable. I think it’s very complicated… I wouldn’t just want to do a signature shoe — I’d have to make sure I’m working with the right factories, do a flat…”

Beckham also isn’t ruling out a line of menswear in the future.

“I’d love to do menswear at some point, absolutely. I get very inspired by menswear — [my spring 2014 collection] was very inspired by men’s tailoring, and there’s the boy-meets-girl fashion message throughout the whole collection.”

“I’m sure some people in the room could come up with a muse for you that’s not too far from home,” Collins said cheekily, referring, of course, to Beckham’s ex-soccer playing style icon of a husband, David.

“Yes!” Beckham replied enthusiastically. “Yes, actually… he’s a bit busy modeling underwear at the moment!”

Though her menswear ambitions may seem a little bit lofty, a line of Victoria Beckham shoes would undoubtedly be fantastic. We’ll definitely be watching this space.