Accessory Crush: Demi Moore's Ferragamo bag

By Linah Hashmi


Could Demi Moore’s Salvatore Ferragamo brown and taupe leather handbag, that she was spotted carrying at LAX, be the hottest accessory yet? We think so!




5 comments to Accessory Crush: Demi Moore’s Ferragamo bag

  • maryanne natalicchio

    thank you for accepting my message. my e-mail address is i am NOT a computer person so i am having issues trying to determine how i can purchase these shoes and tote….i am mostely interrested in the shoes. i own a tote bye mr. ferragamo and it would go fabulously with these shoes. i JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT WEB-SITE TO GO TO AND ORDER THEM….would someone kindly help, please????? thank you……my address is above in the first sentence. thank you.

  • LHashmi

    Hi Maryanne, the shoes are by Christian Louboutin from last season and you can check in CL stores or online on sites like net a porter to see availability. The Ferragamo tote is also from last season Fall 2012 and you may check if its still available at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques or on Ferragamo’s online site or check net a porter. Thank you.

    • maryanne

      hi LHashmi….its me…..maryanne. you were so kind to assist me in january with the shoes and tote that demi has. i did find an “imitation” christian Louboutin store on-line and got the shoes for $125.00 and they are beautiful. still not having any luck with the tote. if you found any more info on the ferragamo tote or that top she is wearing (it is so cool with jeans and that too i would love to own) i would appreciate that info. you are great. sorry i took so long to get back to you. but the shoes are an exact duplicate and i am so pleased with them….bye-bye LHashmi and thanks again for your help….bye-bye

  • Maryanne

    thank you ever so much…….wishe me luck! love, love, love to own the tote and shoes!