My Tribute to Nicolas Ghesquière

By Linah Hashmi


As my farewell tribute to Balenciaga‘s now ex-creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, here are some my all-time favourite pieces of the label!

Limited edition Balenciaga sleek clutch from Fall 2011

Balenciaga‘s Shark Bracelet is such a hot piece! Made of solid pewter and the precious stone dendrite, it consists of 6 teeth in a range of sizes, threaded together by leather lace.

One of Balenciaga’s key pieces, what I love about the envelope clutch is that it comes in different colors each season and perfect to carry anytime, day or night!

We all know Balenciaga is known for its biker jackets. I especially fell in love with this yellow one! I wouldn’t dare wear a yellow leather jacket otherwise but this is just spot on!

The L’Essence fragrance is to die for! One of my best fragrances, it’s floral smell made out of vetiver, patchouli, violet, violet leaf, green notes, sandalwood and cedar.

Make a statement with this sexy gold cuff from Balenciaga’s spring summer 2013 collection!

When Balenciaga introduced travelling trolleys least year I was just over the moon. Their travel trolleys were perfect especially for a jet setter like me, so super chic (I dont like those monogram ones from gucci and LV, too showy) and spacious. These also come in different colors every season!

I mean come on, these have to be the perfect pair of flats out there! Also a carry over item, each season these Balenciaga studded flats also come in different colors. How adorable are these! If you don’t already have a pair, get one!

The Balenciaga dog-tooth coat is just a stand out piece from the rest of my coats!