Where the f*uck was Karl? Chanel's Little Black Jacket Dubai launch party

By Marriam Mossalli

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Dubai knows how to throw a party, that’s for sure! But the CHANEL aspect seemed lacking…I mean, seriously. Where the f*ck was Karl? Chanel LBJ FB The Middle Eastern consumer is one of Chanel‘s largest customer segments. Yes, we travel; yes, we prefer buying our Chanel Couture from Paris, but a little face time on our home turf would’ve been nice, Karl. Just saying.

But getting over that fact and moving onto the celebrity presence of 22-year-old entertainer Rita Ora and a few actors that probably only the expats working at Al Chalhoub were excited to see (Gaspard Ulliel and Alma Jodorowsky), the event did have some regional appeal in the form of the two fashionista twins Haya and Sama Abu Khadra.

Chanel the little black jacket dubai _exhibition_ Rita_Ora_Haya and Sama Abu Khadra

The event could be summed up in one collective testament: everyone is saying the same thing: Great party! No one has said “Great exhibit.” It’s sad when free booze overshadows the cultural aspect, which is often the case in Dubai, so this is not anything against Chanel… it was a great event. I enjoyed seeing the usual suspects and getting my drink on just as much as the same person (and people, I see at every event) next to me. Call my a hypocrite. No call me, a CHIC Hypocrite… in Chanel.

So yes. And maybe even so what? The buzz about whether you got an invite or not was more talked about than the exquisite exhibit itself (by the way, you MUST go and see it for yourself! Tres Chic!) But Coco was a partier, so I’m assuming she’d approve of the crazy time that was the Little Black Jacket Launch… but I’d have to bet that it is the Zara ensembles seen parading around that night that have her rolling in her grave!

Fabulously yours,