Where the f*uck was Karl? Chanel’s Little Black Jacket Dubai launch party

Chanel the little black jacket dubai exhibition featured

By Marriam Mossalli

Dubai knows how to throw a party, that’s for sure! But the CHANEL aspect seemed lacking…I mean, seriously. Where the f*ck was Karl? The Middle Eastern consumer is one of Chanel‘s largest customer segments. Yes, we travel; yes, we prefer buying our Chanel Couture from Paris, but a little face time on [...]

A trip to fashion wonderland

Featured ushi

By Ushi Sato

I want to remember the fabulous gig that I did for Etoile la Boutique’s Fashion in Wonderland couple of weeks ago. Well, it was an absolute success, and I wanna thanks to all those who graced the event.

Marriam Mossalli and Ushi Sato at Etoile La boutique event in Dubai