By Marriam N Mossalli


I love Disney. Always have. And fashion? Well, let’s just say I learned the 4 C’s of Diamonds before my ABCs! So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that my two loves were collaborating together for Disney and Barney’s New York “Electric Holiday” video! Minnie in LANVIN sealed the deal–this was going to be the greatest thing since Fat Free Snack Pack pudding!

But as I was watching this, I realized this video wasn’t made for the kid who group up watching Fantasia… this was targeting a new generation and appealing to them the only way one can–through social media! How else can you explain the Queen herself, Suzy Menkes, squeezed between front row terrorists, Bryan Boy and Lady Gaga?!? I mean, really?! The two online influencers in the Holy Fashion presence of editors and backstage magicians?!? I almost threw up a little… off schedule


Also did you notice how much attention was given to the street style photographers outside? I do. 1:38 was focused on it out of the 3:45 minutes of the actual cartoon. Damn, perhaps I need to start dressing up for Fashion Week, instead of dressing for work? Bunhead, red lips, oversized sunglasses, neon blazer, & chiffon mullet skirt anyone?

Redeeming quality:  Hello, did you see how cute Alber Elbaz was! And his design for Minnie! I am officially jealous of a cartoon mouse with big ears and feet?! That’s what Lanvin does to me!


And did you see the “COOL Group?” Cathryn Horn, Daphne Guinness, Carine Roitfeld, and Naomi! That’s where I’d be seated… with my fierce besties!

Most redeeming quality… and probably why I decided to post this in the end: The blatant ode to our Old Bad Boy, John Galliano!?  Seated there next to his bestest, Linda? We miss u, JG!

Watch the full video here: