Where Thou Art of Queue at MMM for H&M

By Ushi Sato

Most of you have already gone fishing early this morning to Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection store launching. Since I had done my preview for the collection a week ago, I felt overwhelmed to have the pleasure of getting my hands on the collection before it went up for sale in-store. The prices aren’t much affordable (unexpectedly), and the silhouettes aren’t made to flatter your figures but instead, to express artistry. And yes, the prices may be ridiculously high, but the quality is way better than the previous collaborations – so fair enough.

Based on my experience from the previous collaboration, I can prove that Margiela’s collection for H&M is way better than the others. Quality and design uniqueness is something worth to have for a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, THAT if you understand Maison Martin Margiela’s design aesthetics. For the past 23 years, the fashion house has been producing high caliber artistic design -representing Margiela’s take on over-the-top design idea into wearable fashion.

Today’s launching of the collection shows smaller crowd unlike the previous collaborations, but Margiela’s die-hard fashionista fans had woken up early and lined up to get their own pieces from the collection. I arrived in H&M Dubai Mall around 8am to get the items on my list. Surprisingly the crowd was calm (not a kilometer queue)  and most of them were young fellas who were highly familiar with the brand and had been anticipating the Margiela’s unique designs. Women’s best sellers are the mirrored leggings, candy clutches, plexi-glass wedge shoes, and flats. While men splurge to most blazers and jackets, as well as to the painted jeans, shirts and sneakers.

The collection covers 23 years of Maison Martin Margiela existence in the fashion industry, thus the looks reinterpret the pieces from the fashion house archive way back from the years to its founding.

Ushi Sato from The Shades And Scarf