Fall Trend 2012 : Moody Burgundy

By Marlene Naicker

Burgundy, Bordeaux, Garnet – Whatever name it goes by : But a Key Color Trend for Fall 2012.
Winter has the misfortune of being relegated to the black and brown staples in our cupboards. Easy to use and sombre as the weather outside. Although the last couple of seasons a more intellectually, beautiful and deeper version of colors have been evolving. Think intense navy blues, rich purples, understated grays and now the color of the season -  The lusty, moody Burgundy.
Hedonistcally associated with the deep rich merlot from the Burgundy Region of France. This season it is (thankfully!) The “New Black”.

Burgundy is painted on lips, nails, hair, accessories, ready to wear lines and even Couture..
It exudes luxury, lavishness, and sophistication, beautifully paired with black, grey and beige (We LOVE!) for that soft, sensual elegance.
And for that Ulta-Glamorous Holiday Season Look : Gold & Burgundy!
We thinking….swathes of Giambattista Vallis’s Or Gucci Chiffon encrusted with subtle gold brocade detailing ….. YUM!
Can a Color be any more salivating….