Kuwait rocks Kenzo

By Zee Dlamini

Noaf Hussein did it again! This time for the Kenzo Boutique store at the Avenues Mall, phase 2.

The crème of the young Kuwaiti society attended the event that rocked the fashion scene making it one of the best fashion events of the month in Kuwait from local celebrities to the top fashion bloggers.

The event started off with most of the collection being sold out by all the stylishly dressed and fashionable buyers who had been invited to the invite-only event. The collection was all about being fierce, hence the tiger face masks, filled with colorful prints dominated by the color green (season trend color), the most popular of all was their tiger printed sweaters which sold like hot cakes!

From its comfortable canvas shoes to its soft and silky scarves, KENZO really rocked Kuwait.
It was all about expressing the fierce in you!