Ritzy Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Party

By Yasmin Ghanem


Juicy Couture held a beachy soiree for their Spring / Summer 2013 collection on 4th March. Greeted by a pink carpet, The Terrace oozed the springtime / summer feel.

The fashion show was like a scavenger hunt! While fashionistas and those alike mingled, the models mazed around heel-goers stopping to pose. I did think it a little odd that someone could enjoy a fake phone so much as she did or in awe of ones reflections (although being in the Middle East, it should come as such as a surprise).


There was an accessorize-your-own sunglasses station. Diamond jewels and studs could be added to jazz up the otherwise rather plain glasses.

Winter is officially on its way out. It’s time to cram in the tanning sessions and get out those legs! (And maybe hit the gym for us who still haven’t attempted our new years resolution)

The juicy couture girl has grown up and evolved while still being perky and happy-go-lucky spirited – after all she is a California girl at heart. There was a sense of back to the basics with nautical, sea inspiration which is always fresh and cute.

Juicy_couture ss_13

Picture her strolling down to the beach in the high-waisted navy shorts, stripped navy and red blazer sporting your best juicy white-t clinging with a plan-tree print clutch. Better yet, picture her lounging by the pool.

Could these be the days of no more flared, tight sweat pants with a matching hoodie? Could this be the end to mall shoppers strutting in their juicy tracksuit clinging to their designer bag? I hope so. Say hello to tapered pants.

(We want to thank The Female Network UAE for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to attend this event!)