“So Dior” Opening at Harrods

By Sara Al Benayan and Layal Al Khatib

Sara Al Benayan, a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger gives Shoesanddrama the inside scope of at her experience attending the opening of the “So Dior” exhibit at Harrods on March 14th in London.


"So Dior" at Harrods


The house of Dior, in collaboration with Harrods, designed and displayed a pop-up exhibition titled “So Dior” highlighting the history of Dior alongside the history of  London . With couture dresses on display as well as vintage dresses, gowns, handbags, and shoes ”So Dior” takes us through a couture wonderland meant to mezmerize and enchant all those who visit.




The history and culture of the city of London was celebrated, by looking at the artisticlly arranged Harrod’s window displays, you’ll spot the London Eye in the background, even the changing of the guards had a Dior makeover with dressed mannequins by Dior taking center stage in one display window.


Dior at Harrods

” It was amazing” Sarah informs Shoesanddrama “Sometimes, personally, I lose the vibe of luxury with Dior ,though it’s one of my favorite brands, and that is due to alot of facts one of them is the mistreatment of the brand in our Arab society. It was so refreshing when such an event gets me back to that zone of luxury which is why I fell in love with Dior since I was Five Years old.

The windows were perfectly done, each displaying a story from the history of Dior, with the spotlight on Miss Dior including handbags with Jennifer Lawrence and the Dior fragrance with Natalie Portman. I also loved the mix between the history of the city and the brand.Many celebrities and models attended the event, like model Natalia Vodianova.”


The “So Dior” pop-up exhibit will be on display until April 14th, so make sure to allow your heart to jump for joy by visiting Harrods and basking in the glory in all that is  Dior.