The Actual Reviews: FFWD Edition

Undeniably, us Arabs love to secretly bash anything Arab… blame the innate Mean Girl inside each of us, but for some reason we love to hold our people to a higher more critical standard. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that when the reviews started “pouring in” (I think SD and Khaleeji Times are the only ones who actually write […]

Bots: Why “Influencers” Love Them Almost As Much As Fillers

With fake lips, fake assets, and at many times fake bags (CC: Kendall Jenner), it’s hard to find reality in all the fake crap we see everyday! Many if not most so-called “influencers” impose a picture perfect persona on their IG feeds, complete with intimate portraits (this explains the photographer & influencer romances) and sponsored endorsements. But what happens when […]

Final Fashion Roast: PFW Edition

Au Revoir Fashion month! it’s been good – sometimes.With Paris being our final gossip destination amidst all the craziness of this season, we’re here to deliver you our finale fashion roast! Yes.. we know you’ll miss our reviews, but we’ll be back very soon.. until then! 😉 Balenciaga   Allow us to transcribe our literal reactions during the show: “What […]

Arabs Do It Better: Street Style Edition

By now you’ve probably figured out we’re into #AllThingsArab- the hype is undeniable! And we equally feed off the Arab stereotypes: Babe Abgha Birkin! #Arabmoney #BlingEverywhere .. & while usually, we’re all about proving such notions wrong; today we want to celebrate them! So here’s our #Streetstyle/Report: ARAB INFLUENCER EDITION! Warning: The designer labels may cause major insta-envy, but if […]

Runway Round Up: MFW Edition

Let’s be honest, we all had a lot to say about fashion week- and most resonated with words like crap, boring, or is this even designer clothing? Whether from NYFW’s “embarrassing excuse of a designer” situations-, or LFW oh so boring streetstyle, Milan definitely turned up the volume! And we’re impressed. Looks like our Milan designers were really getting the […]