My VALENTINE Tradition of never being disappointed

By Marriam Mossalli

Sine 2007, I have a special tradition I follow every Valentine’s. I buy myself something red and Valentino on Feb 14th.

I know it may seem weird, but it all started when I was lusting over a red, Valentino bag and knew my boyfriend wasn’t about to walk into Jeddah’s female-only boutique and attempt to buy it for me. After very little thought, I decided I would just get it for myself. I mean, why not? The gift would feel fake anyway, since I was telling him what to buy. This way, he knew I got what I really wanted, the pressure would be off, and he could get me something he actually wanted to get me. As Charlie Sheen would say, this was “WINNING!”

And so the tradition began. It followed with a red, Valentino gown. A red pair of Valentino sandals with the signature rose. Red Chanel flats (I kind of messed up on that one, but I just REALLY wanted those Chanels!). Then a short, red, Valentino cocktail dress. This year, I’m thinking this plunge-neck silk gown is perfect!

Valentino gown via

It was such a great tradition, I began applying it to Christmas and my birthday!

Now, you may think that this is all just the pathetic justifications of a struggling shopaholic, and you’re probably right. But regardless, every holiday that is accompanied with the custom of gift-recieving, I’m never disappointed. Every holiday, I get JUST WHAT I WANT-and more!

Below are some picks from in case you decide you want to love yourself this Valentine’s too!