New Collection at O-Concept Store Dubai

By Yasmin Ghanem

O concept new collection


O-Concept Store launched their new collection catching this Valentine’s highs.
Held at their opulent boutique on 11th February, over 30 designers from all walks of life divulged their newest collection at O-Concept. Men and women pieces were shown; arrays of dazzling or zany frocks and accessories, to exceptional furniture and artwork – a faultless marriage at its par excellence.

The night greeted you with a red carpet and a rose ready for you. May be the only rose I’m getting for Valentine’s day but O-Concept couldn’t be a better suitor, I’ll take you as my beau any day! A delightful violinist’s melody resonated around the room, and when you felt like your feet, eyes and wallet needed a break from your spree, there was a mini café to have a coffee and read the latest fashion magazines.

What a better way to the lead up to Valentine’s Day, with extra, very much needed items. After all, you do deserve it. Whether it’s because there’s a certain someone you wish to dress up for or hitting the town with your gals, hot to trot.
Besides wanting to look jaw dropping (as always one should be), we have all been in the same shoes, racking our brains what to get our other half – stumped with present ideas? This is the boutique to turn to.

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