The Actual Reviews: FFWD Edition

Undeniably, us Arabs love to secretly bash anything Arab… blame the innate Mean Girl inside each of us, but for some reason we love to hold our people to a higher more critical standard.

Therefore, it comes to no surprise that when the reviews started “pouring in” (I think SD and Khaleeji Times are the only ones who actually write reviews! But thanks for the slide show Vogue Arabia! Lol), FFWD designers got a hard lesson on the difference between trend forecasting & pure imitations. But maybe in our older age, we’ve gotten soft… or perhaps it’s the fact fashion has gotten soft; with Zara Basics making its way to Parisian runways *cough, Dior* and ready to wear looking more like the sales rack of Forever 21!  We’re not making excuses, but merely stating that it seems more of a fashion industry problem as a whole, and not just pertinent to our region’s.

Well yea .. we definitely are SO into vintage these days; but we wouldn’t precisely name Dolce and Gabanna’s AW14 or Saint Laurent’s SS18 collections as vintage.

But until there’s a return to real luxury (we’re counting on you Saudi and Lebanese brands!!), we’re going to have to rely on our Saudi homegrown talents to bring a unique perspective to the runways! Here’s our #SDinstaReviews and #ProudMamaMoments FFWD style 😉



Not trying to be biased here, but when our editor Marriam Mossalli, Khaleeji Times, and Vogue India‘s editor are standing away from, and you overhear them stating over and over: “I would totally wear that” you just know you’re winning in fashion life!

With all the rapid changes happening here in Saudi (I swear Keeping Up With The Kardashians is easier than keeping up with us Saudis!) Many of the other Saudi women (myself included) are entering the workforce and need to look as sophisticated as we feel- thanks to Utruj’s sleek wearable looks, we think we’re pretty much set until 2030! 😉



One thing I noticed about some of our Arab designers is that they produce absolutely beautiful pieces each season relying on their own aesthetics- without really incorporating much of the trends. Arwa Banawi does both: With her own aesthetic of minimal contemporary designs, our girl managed to incorporate this season’s trends cleverly.

Think sequins, polka dots, leopard prints, and power suits hunnay! Yes, all there! .. and of course supporting a Saudi cause by sneaking in some phrases here and there .. she’s literally making a fashion statement! #sayarti_hamra



A blogger favorite, Renad Hefni did not disappoint with her bold colors and royal dressing! Because at the end of the day, every Saudi girl fancies herself as a princess – not just the 6000 royals that actually are!

Next time you see me in a red suit, or in her white Abaya coat, no need to ask who I’m wearing: it’ll have ROYALED written all over it- literally.